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About Our Program

We utilize effective programs to guide patients toward recovery and help them to restore balance to their changed life and maintain sobriety. You have to attend meetings, group bonding, and other outside activities for better and fast recovery. You can get advice and help from our staff 24/7 during and after your stay.

You’re Obligations

During and after your stay, you must remain sober and always stay away from alcohol and drug use. All clients will be obliged to attend all meetings and activities organized inside or outside of the home. You will be given an overnight pass once in week depending upon your progress report and staff approval. Clients have to work during the weekdays according to the instructions of our staff. You cannot lounge around all day on the couch or spend days doing nothing at Sober Home living.

Basic Arrangements

Sober Home Living is fully-furnished and equipped with all essential amenities required for sober living in San Jose. You will find a cable television, Wi-Fi internet, telephone, and more to get a relaxed and home-like environment. Mostly, our sober home in San Jose is designated for weights and workout equipment.

Our Instructions

Upon entry, all our clients will get a list of comprehensive guidelines. You have to read and sign that document upon entering. Don’t worry, we do not treat our patients like children. All these instructions and guidelines are very generic in nature and tailored to maintain a drug-free and healthy environment.

Our Staff

At our sober home, you will always find two or more on-site managers to help and handle clients All of our managers have been maintaining long-term sobriety and committed to help patients whenever it is required.


Excellent drug treatment center to say the least. My brother was enrolled in the Life Choice's Drug Treatment program in San Jose. The program is excellent with great facilities onsite.
Matthew Anderson