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Sober Living Home - Step In to Detoxify Your life!

Sober Living Home is a place where alcoholics and addicts, both men and women can live and overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol successfully. You will get a safe and drug-free environment with essential amenities to recover life and maintain sobriety.

Our sober home is conveniently located in San Jose, CA, and provides effective drug and alcohol treatment programs to improve your mental and physical health.


Recover life in Home-like Environment

Do you know that most sober living homes in San Jose do not have proper amenities and proper system in place? That’s why we at our sober home in San Jose provide personalized treatment programs to address every aspect of your life. We provide a well-rounded treatment where each alcoholic or addict has a primary therapist, an addiction counselor, and 24/7 access to licensed counselors to handle the times when a potential crisis may arise.

We reinforce sober living in San Jose. For a changed and improved life, come to sober living home, and handle your personal challenges with drug and alcohol under the supervision of experts in a safe environment.


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